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I’m Funk-A

"Motown, the heart and soul of music. The name alone we hold dearly to our hearts." Coming from a city of long time musicians, producers & enterpenuars Detroit is the birthplace of Producer & self taught musican Funk-A (Josh Wilbur) At age of 25 & being in the Detroit Electronic music scene for 3 years now Funk-A has had an amazing start out of the gate. Begining the project in 2014 and releasing his debut Album Detroit Funk City just one year later in 2015. After the release he was playing shows along side big acts such as Sunsquabi, Manic Focus, EOTO, CloZee & many others.

Traveling out of the Motown city and hitting festivals over the span of the country. Funk-A's latest release 'Feelin Horny' is just the start of some fresh new material this Funk Loving man is cooking up! Currently he is in studio daily working on new album and just released his First EP entitled 'WoNkStEp'. Working with artists from across the country and a few other local Motown favorites. Keep your ears open cause it's just begun with Funk-A

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Just Trying to do my part to make the world a better place!

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Upcoming EP Entitled WoNk StEp